Dear Parents and Students of Southern Hills:

As the weather begins to transition from Fall to Winter, I thought it would be a good idea to send home communication regarding Calamity days for the students and parents at Southern Hills CTC. It is our hope that we do not need to use any calamity days – ours is a school that exists to prepare young adults for the workforce, and coming to work every day is a critical skill we hope to instill – however for safety purposes it is important that we be prepared for the worst case scenario.

The Ohio Department of Education has changed the way a school-year is calculated. No longer are we calculated by days, but by hours. It is for this reason that last school year we changed our day by adding 15 minutes to the student day. What this added time does for Southern Hills is “build in” approximately 6 additional days for calamity purposes. ODE also has approved the use of up to three “Blizzard Bags” (on-line lessons for use during calamity days). Since we are no longer measured by days but by hours, this means that any two-hour delays also count against us – effectively three two-hour delays will equal one missed day of school.

All of our students know that they are to follow the Southern Hills yearly schedule, not the home district’s schedule. Calamity days are the lone exception! If a student’s home district is delayed or closed, and Southern Hills is not, the student is not expected to come to SHCTC that day, or come on the delayed schedule their district is operating under that day. These absences will be excused. School work will need to be made up per our student handbook, but no negative consequences will occur for following their home district’s delay or closure for weather related purposes.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this policy, please do not hesitate to contact me via email at: or by phone at (937) 378-6131 x303.


Kevin Kratzer
Superintendent, SHCTC

Blizzard Bags