Applied Mathematics — A course designed to give students practice at the mathematic topics included in College Entrance exams, Apprenticeship tests, and Pre-Employment tests. These test include basic arithmetic, percent problems, proportionality, solving equations, and measurement. Students will also work through word problems, personal finance units, and filling out paperwork and applications. Upon completion of this course, students will be prepared to participate in higher education, enter the workforce, or join the military.

Geometry — (Pre-requisite: Alg I) This course will teach students two and three-dimensional geometry including representing problem situations using geometric models, deductive reasoning, and geometry from an algebraic perspective.

Integrated Math IV — This course is designed for students who need to upgrade their skills in Algebra and Geometry. It will incorporate concepts from pre-Algebra, and basic Geometry, and include some measurement and data analysis. It will also involve problem-solving applications. Recommended for students who have not yet passed the OGT.

Algebra II — (Prerequisites: Alg I, Geometry, or Integrated Math IV grade of C or better) This course builds on the concepts learned in Algebra I and Geometry. Concepts covered include solving systems of equations with 2 or 3 variables, linear, quadratic, and logarithmic functions, and graphing. In addition, students will be introduced to trigonometry. Graphing calculators will be used extensively in this course.

Trig/Pre-Calculus — (Prerequisite: Geometry, Alg II grade of B or better) This is a course for college-bound students. It will enhance concepts presented in Algebra II and trigonometry, and will emphasize the graphing of all functions. Topics include complex numbers, inverse functions, polar coordinates, vectors, and sequences and series. Graphing calculators will be used extensively in this course.