CAD I —Designed for individuals with minimal personal computing skills. Students will acquire skills to gain employment in the manufacturing sectors in a variety of areas.

CAD II—(Pre-requisite: CAD I) This course is a creative design class that builds on CAD I competencies. Students will use CAD productivity tools, get a basic introduction to architectural design, use Z-Printer 310 (3-D models), Plasma Cam (Welding) and Master Cam (Carpentry).

In-house Internship—(Senior-only) With Career Technical instructor recommendation ONLY, a student can spend one lab period opposite his/her regular senior lab block as a student apprentice, helping the Career Technical instructor aid the junior-level students. Students must meet the following requirements:

  • Have passed all junior level classes

  • Have passed all parts of OGT

  • Have no suspensions the previous year

  • Have at least a "B" average in CT program

  • Have all credit recovery courses completed (if applicable)

Transitions — Curriculum focus is to prepare students for the transition from high school to the workforce and/or higher education. The focus is on skills that any prospective employer seeks such as resume and other business writing, interviewing skills, interpersonal skills, intrapersonal skills, and customer relations. Students are encouraged to explore higher education opportunities while gaining an understanding of applications and the financial aid process.