Milford Christian Academy High School 1982
Siemens Energy and Automation Blue Print reading 1 and 2
Programming NC equipment Siemens Energy and Automation 

Certifications & Degree(s) Earned:
CTE-37-4 year Alternative Resident Educator
Continuing education at Ohio State University
Member of NSCS at Ohio State University 

Work Experience:
1987-2002 (15 years for Siemens Energy and Automation) laborer, machine operator, to universal machinist and high speed balance operator.
2002-2015 Owner of small construction company JSQ Custom Homes
2003-2009 High School Head coach for Fayetteville Perry High School lady soccer team winning the gold ball 3 times
2015-present SHCTC Construction Tech Instructor


Carpentry covers the following areas:

  • We teach all of the skills involved in building a house

  • Foundation, roof, interior work

  • Concrete, framing, siding etc.

  • The program includes some commercial construction, basic wiring, and plumbing

What training does your program provide? (May Include Equipment Usage)

  • Laser levels and transits

  • Scissors lifts

  • CNC Router

  • Fork Lift Training

  • Ramset and Air-Powered Nailers (all basic carpentry tools and machines, saws, routers, drills, sanders, etc.)


What career salaries are available directly out of program?

  • Carpenters: $10.00/hr

  • Apprentice Carpenters: $12.00-$13.00/hr

  • Experienced Carpenter: $19.84/hr

  • Union Carpenters: $20.00-$25.00/hr

What careers are available directly out of program?

  • Retail Material Sales

  • Manufactured Housing Carpenter

  • Framer and Entry Level Carpenter Work

  • Union or Non-Union Apprentice

What careers are available after additional training, which may include college degree?

  • Project Estimator

  • Construction

  • Architect

  • Sales of Real Estate and Commercial Projects

industrial education

construction technologies