Final approval for placement will be determined by the Principal. Appeals must go to the Principal and the Placement Coordinator.


Provide students with experience on specialized equipment not available in school in the student’s field of study.

Provide opportunities for successful transition from school to work.

Provide incentive for students to remain under school supervision for an adequate training period in order to be successful in the selected occupation.

Eligibility Requirements

Placement will be during lab time only. Student must meet or exceed all student eligibility requirements.

  • A student must be graduation ready in order to qualify for placement. Graduation ready means a student is prepared for graduation through one of the many pathways identified by the Ohio Department of Education.

  • There must be an appropriate job placement available.

  • Candidate will meet or exceed instructor expectations in all the following areas: work habits, appearance, attitude, technical ability, skills and understanding, and conduct. Students may appeal job placement denial to the principal.