“To prepare individuals of all ages for successful employment in the ever-changing workforce of the region and beyond”.

Southern Hills CTC – Always growing and improving!

As we wrap up the calendar year of 2021, it is a safe bet that what everyone will remember is Covid – and rightfully so. It has dominated our world for almost two years at this point, and rarely was there a day in the year that we didn’t all discuss it, or at least think about it. Fortunately, at Southern Hills, 2021 was about a lot more than just a global pandemic. We never forgot about it, and we stayed diligent in our efforts to stay safe in light of it – but we refused to let it consume us. In these past twelve months Southern Hills has not only managed to stay in school full-time, but we have expanded the many services that we offer for students. In a time when many schools across our nation are shifting to remote learning, our hands-on learning environment is creating new opportunities for students to be successful. At Southern Hills we are constantly analyzing the needs of our community and the students there-in. In doing so, it became abundantly apparent that a major road block for a high percentage of our students gaining employment was lack of a driver’s license. Through a unique partnership with local driving school, Team Drive, we have brought driver’s education back into the school. And with the generosity of the Southern Hills Board of Education, SHCTC students can obtain their driver’s license for $50 out of pocket, and get their necessary drive time in during the course of the school day. For many of our students, this opportunity is truly life changing, as now they can take what they learn at the Career Center and become gainfully employed. Another unique opportunity for the students at the Career Center this year is the chance to join the first-ever chapter in our area of the Drug Free Clubs of America. This is a nationally recognized organization that works with young people across the country, allowing them to choose to join, and in doing so they tell everyone – employers included – that they are Drug Free! As a member, students subject themselves to random drug tests, and in return they carry a card to show to prospective employers that they are in fact drug free. This school year Southern Hills also opened our doors to Project Life. Project Life is a transition program to help students develop and strengthen skills to increase their likelihood of living an independent life. These are students from across our region that have elected to forgo high school graduation and come to Project Life in order to sharpen their employability and independent living skills. This unique opportunity is a partnership between the Brown County Board of Developmental Disabilities, the Brown County ESC and Southern Hills. The addition of these amazing young people at our Career Center has been simply wonderful! Of course, we have continued to do all of the many great things we did prior to Covid and prior to 2021. None of this happens without the dedicated and talented folks that work at Southern Hills. In a time when many schools were just trying to figure out how to keep their doors open, our folks were figuring out how to do that while also expanding opportunities for students.

Kevin Kratzer,

Superintendent, Southern Hills CTC