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Graduation Requirements
High School Graduation Requirements (Beginning with the Class of 2018)

Criteria for Career Technical Honors Diploma
Ohio Department of Education


The student who completes an intensive Career-Technical Education Pathway must meet at least seven, of the following eight criteria:

  1. Earn four units of English;

  2. Earn at least four units of mathematics which shall include algebra 1, algebra 2, geometry and another higher level course, or a four-year sequence of courses which contains equivalent content;

  3. Earn at least four units of science, including two advanced sciences;

  4. Earn four units of social studies;

  5. Earn four units in a career-technical education program that leads to an industry-recognized credential, results in an apprenticeship or is part of an articulated career pathway, which can lead to post secondary credit. if the student's program design does not provide for any of these outcomes, then the student must achieve the proficiency benchmark established for the applicable Ohio career-technical competency assessment or the equivalent;

  6. Achieve the proficiency benchmark established for the Ohio Career-Technical Competency Assessment or equivalent assessment aligned with state-approved and industry validated technical standards;

  7. Maintain an overall high school grade point average of at least 3.5 on a 4.0 scale up to the last grading period of the senior year; or

  8. Obtain a composite score of 27 on the American college testing service's ACT assessment (excluding the optional writing test) or a combined score of 1210 on the college board's SAT verbal and mathematics sections (excluding the score obtained on the required writing section).


Juniors may take up to 2 and seniors may take up to 3 college visitation days with approval by the Counselor. Approval will be based upon his/her knowledge of each student’s credit status, grades, EOC scores, and attendance. A “request for college day” form will then be issued.

  1. Students (juniors or seniors) should let the career technical instructor know when and where he or she would like to visit. If the career technical instructor approves, he or she should sign the ‘Request for college day” form.

  2. Students should then have academic instructors “sign off’ so they are aware of the visit.

  3. Next, students should turn in the request form at least three days prior to the scheduled visit to the School Counselor who will issue a verification letter to be signed at the college being visited.

  4. Student will be marked absent on the day of college visit; however; will receive “no penalty” states when he or she returns the verification letter with a college admission’s signature. MAKE SURE TO GET A SIGNATURE, TITLE, AND TELEPHONE NUMBER on the verification sheet AND return it to the School Counselor the day after student visits in order to have the absence marked as NO PENALTY.

  5. School Counselor will forward all necessary documentation to Attendance Officer.

  6. School Counselor will track and monitor the number of college days accumulated.

  7. Additional college days, if necessary, must be approved by the Principal.