Chemistry—(Prerequisite: Alg I; passed OGT) This course will begin with an introduction to the basic skills and concepts of chemistry followed by a more in-depth study of physical chemistry. General topics covered include matter, molecular motion, changes in matter, atomic structure and nomenclature. The mathematics of chemistry will not be emphasized as much as at the scholarship level, but basic math manipulations are an essential part of this course. It is highly recommended that a student enrolling in this course have a “C” or above in all previous science and math courses.

Anatomy—(Prerequisite: Biology with a grade ‘C” or better; passed OGT) This course is designed to develop a better understanding of the basic structure and function of the human body. The students will develop knowledge of human anatomy and physiology. The course will be directed toward those students who are planning careers in the areas of medicine, dentistry, x-ray technology, nursing and teaching.

Ecology—Students learn about the complex relationships that exist between living things and their environment. Students learn to think critically about how their actions are impacting different ecosystems, and then use this knowledge to become more environmentally aware citizens.